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 Global Neurosciences Institute’s

Annual Neurosciences Conference


Practical Neurosciences: Back to Basics

Fundamental Principles to the

Most Advanced Methods in Neurological Care


November 4 – 6, 2020


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About Global Neurosciences Institute

Global Neurosciences Institute (GNI) is an innovative team of nationally recognized and highly trained neurosurgeons, subspecialty neurologists, neuro-pharmacists, neurological ED physicians and neuroscience researchers. We are 100% committed to eliminating barriers between narrowly focused medical specialties to enable complete, collaborative, patient-centered care. 

GNI is improving treatments by inventing groundbreaking therapies and pioneering new surgical techniques. We cultivate true patient-doctor relationships. Ours is an intimate, deliberate and coordinated approach to neurological health, keeping each patient as a first priority no matter the resources and effort required. 

Ultimately, we’re changing lives and transforming health care. 



The current norms of patient care are absolutely unacceptable. Health care has become a system of compromise. That simply doesn’t work for us, and certainly not for our patients. At Global Neurosciences Institute (GNI) we practice patient care, not health care. Our approach is rare in modern health care. It will serve as a model for complete, collaborative, patient-centered care that will transform health care and change lives. We are doing it without compromise.

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